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tips to prepare for your visit

Tip #1

Arrive on time. It is recommended that new clients arrive 15 minutes prior to appointment to complete client forms. If running late, be sure to contact the spa 877-379-3365 to let us know your estimated new time of arrival. When clients arrive late, the therapist(s) have to make adjustments in their schedule and often time reduces your appointment time. We are looking forward to your visit and spending the entire amount of scheduled time with you. Although most treatments can be performed within one hour, plan on a two-hour visit for first time clients.

Tip #2

Be prepared with a list of allergies or medications you are currently taking and/or allergic to.

Tip #3

Avoid using exfoliating products at least four days prior. Our facial treatments begin with cleansing and exfoliation; you don’t want to over-sensitive your skin prior to treatment. Avoid using any scrubs, or retinol products. If you are experiencing skin irritation or sunburn, you should reschedule your appointment for another time. (See cancellation policy.)


Tip #4

Visit hair salon services after your appointment. Often times, having your hair done
prior to a facial is not always the best timing. Your therapist may use facial steam,
warm towels etc. during your treatment. This may cause your hair to become slightly
moist during treatment. IF having lash services, please shower and shampoo hair
prior to arrival as the lashes will need 48 hours to dry.


Tip #5

Be prepared to discuss your top three skin care concerns. Our facial includes a
consultation prior to your treatment, and in order for you to get the most benefits
from your facial treatment it is helpful to think of these issues beforehand. Our
therapist offer solutions to your skin care concerns and discussing those are crucial
to achieving your goals.


Tip #6

If you wear braids, locks or have extremely long hair it may be a good idea for you to visit with a scarf that will cover your head. Our facial caps/bands may not cover very thick, long hair.


Tip #7

Brush your teeth and use breath mints. We want to ensure you are not feeling self-conscious about what you ate for breakfast or lunch that day. So many clients apologize for having garlic or onion breath when truthfully we don’t even notice. We want you to relax.


Tip #8

Perform your normal skincare routine. Some people feel the need to arrive with clean skin. Others apologize for having on makeup. We prefer that you don’t do anything special in this matter. If you arrive with clean face or makeup its fine. Note if having eyelash extensions applied, please arrive without any eye makeup including eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara.


Tip #9

Make a list of your current skincare products and any specialty products you may be using. This is helpful for the therapist to determine if their current products are addressing their most important skin care concerns.


Tip #10

Be prepared to turn off your cell phone. This is your time to relax and renew. When a cell phone rings during your visit it becomes disruptive to your relaxation. We recognize some may have to keep their phone for emergencies, however performing conference calls or loud ring tones are disruptive in spa environments.


Tip #11

Arrive alone. When bringing guests with you to your appointment, the therapist may become distracted with answering questions and making sure they are comfortable. We have a waiting lounge for all guests if one accompanies you to your appointment.

Tip #12

Men should shave the morning of their appointment. If a man has too much stubble, a therapist may avoid this area. Shaving the morning of your appointment ensures smooth skin, avoids irritation and ensures the face is getting all the attention it needs.


Tip #13

Prepare for follow up visits. Most facial treatments are performed every 4-6 weeks for optimal skin health and scheduling at the end of your service ensures you stay on track.


Tip #14

Gratuities are appreciated and always at the discretion of the client. Most therapist prefer a cash gratuity however; we have the ability to add gratuity via check card or credit card.

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